Brad McConahay

Changes for version 0.03

  • Added functionality and documentation for ARRL Sections. (thanks to Thomas Schaefer NY4I)
  • Changed license to Artistic 2.0, added LICENSE file to the distribution, and updated documentation to match.
  • Added routines and docs for getting the full bio contents with the get_bio_file method.
  • Added HTML::Entities to dependencies.
  • Added private method _clear_errors to clear error state before any routines that will potentially change the error state.
  • Added functionality and documentation for the new DXCC data now available from the QRZ XML server.
  • Improved XML server login errors that are due to missing module configuration to use hard die errors, rather than soft errors that might fail silently if not otherwise trapped.
  • Added example for retrieving session information to the synopsis.
  • Updated TODO in docs to include need for a better module license.
  • Updated POD and README with new reference links to
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  • Ham::Reference::QRZ - An object oriented front end for the QRZ.COM Amateur Radio callsign database