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Marcel GrĂ¼nauer
Hook::Modular - Making pluggable applications easy
Hook::Modular::Builder - Domain-specific language for building configurations
Hook::Modular::Cache - Cache for Hook::Modular
Hook::Modular::CacheProxy - Cache proxy for Hook::Modular
Hook::Modular::ConfigLoader - Configuration loader for Hook::Modular
Hook::Modular::Crypt - Crypt mechanism for passwords in workflows
Hook::Modular::Crypt::Base64 - Base64 crypt mechanism for passwords in workflows
Hook::Modular::Operator - Boolean operators for plugins
Hook::Modular::Plugin - Base class for plugins
Hook::Modular::Plugin::Attribute - Base class for plugins constructed with attributes
Hook::Modular::Rule - A Workflow rule
Hook::Modular::Rule::Always - Rule dispatcher that always matches
Hook::Modular::Rule::Expression - Expression-based rule dispatcher
Hook::Modular::Rules - Workflow rules
Hook::Modular::Test - utility functions for testing Hook::Modular
Hook::Modular::Walker - Methods that walk over the workflow
Changes for version 1.101050

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