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Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Odeon.

1.02  Tue Jul 20 19:21:35 2004
	- pre-release version, not uploaded to CPAN
1.03  Tue Jul 20 21:31:00 2004
	- first released version
1.04  Mon Jul 26 18:55:10 2004
	- updated list-parsing routine to cope with elements containing
	  commas, eg "I, Robot". Serves me right for being lazy beforeA
1.05  Bad build, not released
1.06  Sun Aug 15 2004
	- added object-oriented API, also permitting cacheing of data
	  structures to (a) speed things up; (b) reduce any possible
	  stress to site
1.07  Wed Dec 01 2004
        - take account of film names with single apostrophes in them