Revision history for

1.09		Recompiled P::RD Grammar against newer version to fix
1.08		Dual licensed
1.07		Corrected some typos in the POD
1.06		Fixed bug where '0' properties would be stored as the empty string
		Added parser test to catch this in future
1.05		Improved CSS::Adaptor::Pretty to ouput correct amount of tabs
		Added test suite for CSS::Adaptor::* modules
1.04		Added search methods to extract CSS::Style and CSS::Property objects
1.03		Fix to property regexp in CSS::Parse::Lite (thanks to Burak G├╝rsoy)
1.01		Bugfix in t/01_basic.t which was looking for a renamed module
1.00		Complete rewrite with pluggable parsers and full object tree
		(Backwards compatibility broken!)
0.08		Added new_scalar constructor and added simple support for multiple selectors
0.05		Re-instantiating to the CPAN by popular demand.
0.01-0.04	Lost...