The Devel::DProf package is a Perl code profiler.  This will collect
information on the execution time of a Perl script and of the subs in that

The dprofpp tool is included in this package.

For more information consult the pod in

Compatibility Notes (by Gurusamy Sarathy and Andreas K├Ânig):

DProf-19970614 will only work with 5.004 and above.  DProf-19970930
does work with 5.004 (stricly speaking), but it has a buggy testsuite
that will fail (correctly) on 5.004.

If you're using 5.003, you need to go back to the previous version on
CPAN (DProf-19960930).  DProf-19970606 and above will only work with
perl 5.004 and later.