Revision history for Perl extension OS2::SoftInstaller.

0.01  Thu Sep 12 08:07:27 1996
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.16

0.02  96/09/14 02:03:05 ilya
	REPLACEINUSE generated for .exe and .dll.
	size_date_time coded.

	Test uses short names for subpackages (since tmp drive may be FAT).
	PERL_SHDIR goof removed.

	Add an object for CPAN getter.
	Path for .inf file corrected. autocreated.

	Corrected a duplicated id.
	plINSTALL was written to a wrong dir.
	Better sizes, install testperl.cmd too,
	Moved .a libraries from site-specific to build-specific archive.
	echo on in .cmd file.

	Updated to 5.005 style of directory layout.
	prompts on successful exit.
	Had F:/perllib hardwired instead of f:/perllib.
	Un-hardwire $shelldrive and $perllibdir.
	Maybe will be able to remove tmp working dir.
	A lot of error detection/report added to edit_cfg.cmd

	Un-hardwire remaining directories: $bookdir, $emxdir, $scriptdir.
	Un-hardwire DLL name.
	use strict.
	Do not use rm
	PODs are in a subdirectory now (fix the install scripts?)
	Add pfind to the list of installed scripts.
	Autofind all the directories.
	Fix the y2k bug (dates like 1031011 for 2003-10-11).
	Sizes of components updated to the 5.8.2 values.