Currently only OS/2 is supported.
Start Makefile.PL like this:

  perl Makefile.PL TOOLKIT=F:/TOOLKIT

(we need to know the path to the toolkit header files and libraries).

Now Makefile.PL has some code to determine the location automatically.


To run t/animal.t and t/wrong_method.t: put animals.dll (from the TOOLKIT
samples) in the current directory, and make sure that SOM.IR from the animal
directory is on your SOMIR path.

If the voodoo in the current versions of these tests is voodooish enough,
this should work automatically now.

Possible bugs: I could not manage to make starting up SOMDD and WPDServer
as reliable as I want it.  I put workarounds against many
bugs/undocumented-limitations, but still things are not that good.  Things
run smoothly if the deamons are already running.

Thus the test scripts won't shutdown the servers unless

=====================  What to do if the servers get stuck?

Sometimes killing WPS and SOMDD (in this order?) helps.  There is a tool
in utils/ which performs the shutdown of
DSOM in a documented way (with many fallbacks), but it usually blocks.
Killing the blocked utility is benign.

To clean this condition: 

  a) run utils/ (probably some errors are going
	to be reported);

  b) kill the second copy of PMSHELL (if it would not die itself
	when SOMDD terminates);

  c) run utils/

[Fact: when WinRestartWPDServer() returns success, WinIsWPDServerReady()
 does not return true for a *long* time (may be a second).

 Conjecture: even after WinIsWPDServerReady() returns true (we wait for this),
 the server is not yet actually ready.  This is why starting it several
 seconds before the tests makes everything run smoothly.

 No, putting a 5sec delay does not help...  The damage happens when the
 servers are shut down.  This is why everything is OK if the servers
 run before starting the tests: then they are not shut down by the tests.