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Changes for version 0.64

  • Document the Windows' limit 126 for the number of modification columns. Quiet a warning if compose key is on VK_array. Add to docs classified shapes from http://std.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n4384.pdf. Document 3 keystate tables (‟internal”, async, and no-name one). Document the restriction that the offsets of the (1 or 2) tables in keyboard layout should be less than 0x10000.
  • izKeys.kbdd: Update version to 0.64. Minor massage of the table of arrows. Add WhiteTriangSmall,BlackTrianSmall rectangle visual maps. Use Arrows² style references to Arrow visual layers. Assign Black and “Player Controls” arrows to Boldified (=add rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign Hook and ZigZag arrows to Script (=AltGr-Mnu) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign White and Triple arrows to Double-Struck (=AltGr-rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign MapsTo and ToBar arrows to Fraktur (=AltGr-Mnu-rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Use ⮕ U+2b95 (from Unicode-v7.0) instead of ➡ on →. Move ➡ to ./Del. http://www.unicode.org/mail-arch/unicode-ml/y2013-m10/0083.html Assign Large/Small Triang to arrows on SS-Bold (=lAlt-Menu) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign Large/Small BlackTriang to arrows on SS (=lAlt-Menu-rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign White/Black PartialCircles to arrows on BoldItal (=lAlt-rAltGr-Menu-rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign ⊃/⊇ etc to arrows on Monospace (=lAlt-rAltGr) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign ⊐/⊒ etc to arrows on MathItalic (=lAlt-rAltGr-Mnu) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign ↠/⇉ etc to arrows on MathBold (=lAlt-rAltGr-rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Assign ➲/◑ etc to arrows on MathBoldItalic (=lAlt-rAltGr-Mnu-rCtrl) [un-Shifted/Shifted). Add whiten to mogrification rules for Double-Struck.
  • build_here.cmd: Bug of kdbutool with LIGATURES on unusual keys requires patching. izKeys.pre-convert-fix.patch: new file izKeys.patch: To move the structure-to-output earlier in the file (to make offset below 0x10000), change static to extern, and pre-declare arrays. (This does not help. According to objconv -fasm, or to D:\Programs\Microsoft-Keyboard_Layout_Creator\bin\i386\cl.exe -nologo -ID:\Programs\Microsoft-Keyboard_Layout_Creator\inc -DNOGDICAPMASKS -DNOWINMESSAGES -DNOWINSTYLES -DNOSYSMETRICS -DNOMENUS -DNOICONS -DNOSYSCOMMANDS -DNORASTEROPS -DNOSHOWWINDOW -DOEMRESOURCE -DNOATOM -DNOCLIPBOARD -DNOCOLOR -DNOCTLMGR -DNODRAWTEXT -DNOGDI -DNOKERNEL -DNONLS -DNOMB -DNOMEMMGR -DNOMETAFILE -DNOMINMAX -DNOMSG -DNOOPENFILE -DNOSCROLL -DNOSERVICE -DNOSOUND -DNOTEXTMETRIC -DNOWINOFFSETS -DNOWH -DNOCOMM -DNOKANJI -DNOHELP -DNOPROFILER -DNODEFERWINDOWPOS -DNOMCX -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN -DRoster -DSTD_CALL -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0500 /DWINVER=0x0500 -D_WIN32_IE=0x0500 /MD /c /Zp8 /Gy /W3 /WX /Gz /Gm- /EHs-c- /GR- /GF -Z7 /Oxs iz-la-ru.c ..\objconv.exe -felf32 -nu iz-la-ru.obj iz-la-ru.o nm iz-la-ru.o >iz-la-ru.o-nm the KbdTable is moved to the end of the 1st data section (at off=0x36348), before the string table. extra_c.zip: Extra files to break C into two compilation units. compile_link_kbd.cmd: New option --with-extra-c BASENAME_of_C_FILE (makes the returned table at minimal possible offset; but this does not fix the problem with installing large files)


example keyboard layout generated with UI::KeyboardLayout


Module for designing keyboard layouts