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Changes for version 0.65

  • Tables to support emitting OS X keyboards. Support colors and high position in CSS for inter-keycaps-arrows. Do not emit empty rows in the coverage tables. Allow for spaces in user-specified CSS classes. Document ComposeKey. Allow ComposeKey to be an array. Better stats for the coverage of the keyboard (but still mix up extra layers vs. single-prefix, and do not discard AltGr-layer for extra-layers). Include Compose Key into stats of coverage (but we do not filter out unreachable sequences). Add to adddot: (m-)dash/bar, [h/v]draw (+ with bold/dbl) generate ┄┅┈┉┆┇┊┋ (bold variants not accessible now from izKeys since bold/dbl-draw is on extra layers).
  • izKeys.kbdd: Mark Ø as from_w/high. Organize the “rest” of arrows into 2×2×2 groups. (Re-)bind the “rest” of arrows in groups (undocumented!): ??? Re-bind 2009—2009, 200a—200a and music C clef cyclically. Add ⟨⟩ to Blue <> (Green conflicts with 200a—200a) and ≪≫ to Blue AltGr. Enable shortening Compose Compose to Shift-Compose. (Temporarily?) put combining dot above/below after ring in 4th section of DIACRITICS. Two new box-drawing rect-maps: BoxDrawOnBH,BoxDrawOnBV (thin lines on background of horizontal/vertical bold lines). Add bold-box-draw on on background of thin lines to: lCtrl +Mnu (add both V and H background lines) +rCtrl (flip H background lines). Add lAlt to flip bold vs thin. (but Mnu means Vertical Bold background). Add ballot marks to frakture’s numpad (Shift adding frames; *// is bold +/-).
  • izKeys.patch: Enable shortening Compose Compose to Shift-Compose.
  • izKeys.pre-convert-fix.patch: Update for rebinding of 2009—2009, 200a—200a etc.


example keyboard layout generated with UI::KeyboardLayout


Module for designing keyboard layouts