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INABA Hitoshi

Changes for version 0.93

  • fix quoting after filetest operators.
  • Esjis::unlink() deletes read only file too.
  • remove PERL5.BATes.
  • remove strict.pm_, warnings.pm_, warnings/register.pm_, and feature.pm_.
  • truncate(), getpwnam(), and getpwuid() into eval q{}.
  • consider Win95Cmd.exe by PERL5SHELL.
  • remove $ENV{'COMSPEC'}.
  • changed condition for escaping script.
  • support ActivePerl Windows (x86).
  • support ActivePerl Windows (64-bit, x64). ; created by INABA Hitoshi
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  • Arabic - Source code filter to escape Arabic script
  • Char::Arabic - Source code filter to escape Arabic script
  • Char::Earabic - Run-time routines for Char/Arabic.pm
  • Earabic - Run-time routines for Arabic.pm