INABA Hitoshi

Changes for version 0.81

  • support fold case escape \F and function fc().
  • support scalar context of Esjis::stat, Esjis::stat_, Esjis::lstat, and Esjis::lstat_.
  • support Strawberry Perl 5.8, 5.10, 5.12, and 5.14.
  • become independent of
  • add
  • add perl5.bat.
  • add aperl58.bat, aperl510.bat, aperl512.bat, aperl514.bat, and aperl516.bat.
  • add sperl58.bat, sperl510.bat, sperl512.bat, sperl514.bat, and sperl516.bat.
  • fix dummy access (-T and -B for underline cache) in Esjis::T, Esjis::T_, Esjis::B, and Esjis::B_.
  • fix $dbh->Esjis::do to $dbh->do on DBI.
  • fix Esjis::split(/(-)|(,)/,"1-10,20") --> (1,"-",undef,10,undef,",",20).
  • fix "\v" means "\x0A", "\x0B", "\x0C", and "\x0D".
  • remove './' at head of return value from Esjis::glob and Esjis::glob_. ; created by INABA Hitoshi
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