Changes for version 0.33 - 2021-10-15

  • allow 07, 0o7 and 0O7
  • allow 0b1 and 0B1
  • allow 123.4e5, 123.4E5, 123.e5, 123.E5, .4e5, and .4E5
  • allow 123.4e+5, 123.4E+5, 123.e+5, 123.E+5, .4e+5, and .4E+5
  • allow 123.4e-5, 123.4E-5, 123.e-5, 123.E-5, .4e-5, and .4E-5
  • allow 0xFF, 0XFF, 0xff, and 0Xff
  • allow 0xFF.Ep5, 0xFF.EP5, 0xFF.p5, and 0xFF.P5
  • allow 0xFF.Ep+5, 0xFF.EP+5, 0xFF.p+5, and 0xFF.P+5
  • allow 0xFF.Ep-5, 0xFF.EP-5, 0xFF.p-5, and 0xFF.P-5
  • allow 0Xff.Ep5, 0Xff.EP5, 0Xff.p5, and 0Xff.P5
  • allow 0Xff.Ep+5, 0Xff.EP+5, 0Xff.p+5, and 0Xff.P+5
  • allow 0Xff.Ep-5, 0Xff.EP-5, 0Xff.p-5, and 0Xff.P-5
  • created by INABA Hitoshi


run Perl script in MBCS encoding (not only CJK ;-)