Revision history for Inline-Wrapper
BUG:    An actual found or reported bug fix.
FIX:    Change toward correct behavior, but unreported.
DOC:    Changes to documentation.
NEW:    New, previously non-existent feature.

0.05    Mar 10, 2010
        BUG: New package stash format contains reference to own module;
            needed to grep it out of the package.
        DOC: Cleaned up 2 bad links in generated POD documentation
        DOC: Corrected wrong year (2008) on below 0.04 release.  Silly.

0.04    Jan 09, 2009
        DOC: Cleaned up and clarified documentation throughout.

0.03    Dec 27, 2008
        NEW: Added Inline::Wrapper->unload() method to unload modules, and
            corresponding tests.
        FIX: Corrected behaviour whereby if you load()ed a module, then used
            add_language() to change the file extension, AND the module had
            been set to auto_reload, unless you renamed the underlying file
            also, The Bad Thing(tm) happened.  Phew.
        FIX: Inline::Wrapper::Module->_delete_namespace didn't work.  Fixed.
        FIX: Changed all warn()s to carp()s.  Duh.
        DOC: Updated all docs to new POD style.  Better and easier to follow.

0.02    Dec 27, 2008
        DOC: Put in correct SYNOPSIS ;)  D'oh!

0.01    Dec 27, 2008
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.