Revision history for WWW-Shorten-ShadyURL
BUG:    An actual found or reported bug fix.
FIX:    Change toward correct behavior, but unreported.
TST:    Changes to test suite.
DOC:    Changes to documentation.
NEW:    New, previously non-existent feature.

0.03    May 18, 2010
        FIX: Cleaned up some constants.
        FIX: Removed forgotten debug code.
        TST: Additional unit tests, including failure mode tests.

        Also, was down for about a week right at release.  Pfft.

0.02    May 12, 2010
        FIX: Online tests were failing, as ShadyURL decided to become
             flaky 2 days after uploading.  Made tests conditional.
        FIX: Got rid of PREREQ_FATAL; wasn't auto-downloading 
             WWW::Shorten from CPAN with it set.
        DOC: Cleaned up perldoc a bit.

0.01    May 10, 2010
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.