YAML::Tests - Common Test Suite for Perl YAML Implementations

        > yt -MYAML::Foo   # Run all YAML Tests against YAML::Foo implementation


        > export PERL_YAML_TESTS_MODULE=YAML::Foo
        > yt

    YAML-Tests defines a number of implementation independent tests that can
    be used to test various YAML modules.

    There are two ways to use YAML-Tests. If you are the author of a Perl
    YAML module, you can add the line:


    to your "Makefile.PL". This will copy the tests from YAML::Tests into
    your module's test area.

    If you are Just Another Perl Hacker, YAML-Tests installs a command line
    tool called "yt" to run the YAML tests against a specific module. Like

        > yt -MYAML::Syck

    YAML::Tests provides a common test suite against which to test Perl YAML
    modules. It also provides a Module::Install component ("use_yaml_tests")
    to make it simple for YAML module authors to include the tests in their
    distributions. See Module::Install::YAML::Tests for more information
    about this feature.

    This module installs a command line tool called "yt" which can be used
    to run the YAML tests against various implementations. See yt for more

    YAML::Tests provides tests that should pass on any YAML implementation
    that provides a "Dump" and "Load" function interface. These are likely
    not the only tests that an implementation should have. They are intended
    to be a common subset.

    This section describes the types of tests that are provided.

  NYN Roundtripping
    "NYN Roundtripping" is a YAML term that means Native->YAML->Native. In
    our case "Native" means "Perl". These tests take various Perl objects,
    Dump them to YAML and then Load them back into Perl. The original and
    the clone Perl objects are compared for equivalence.

    This is a very common type of test.

  YNY Roundtripping
    "YNY" means YAML->Native->YAML. Load a YAML stream to Perl and Dump it
    back to YAML. Test if the YAML streams match.

    There are fewer of these tests because there are usually variations in
    how a Dumper implementation will actually Dump a given object. Still we
    can cover the simple basics.

  Y2N Testing
    Load a given YAML stream and see if it produces the expected Perl

    This is different from NYN because we are testing YAML streams that are
    not produced by a YAML Dumper. This is where we can test the edge cases
    that might be produced by a human editing YAML.

  YAML Loader Errors
    Invalid YAML should cause a Loader to throw an error. These tests Load
    various invalid YAML streams and make sure that an error is thrown.

  API Testing
    Some tests make sure that all the "Dump" and "Load" functions follow the
    same API.

    Currently there are 4 YAML Implementations on CPAN:
    This is the original YAML module written in 2001 by Ingy döt Net. It is
    pure Perl.

    This wrapper of Why The Lucky Stiff's libsyck, was written by Audrey
    Tang in 2005. YAML::Syck is almost entirely written in C, so it is fast.
    The libsyck library was written in 2003 and targeted at the YAML 1.0

    YAML::Tiny is a pure Perl module written by Adam Kennedy in 2006. It is
    an attempt to write a YAML implementation that is as small as possible.
    It does this by choosing to only deal with a subset of the YAML
    language. It attempts to support the subset of YAML that is used by
    popular Perl projects like CPAN and SVK.

    This wrapper of Kirill Siminov's libyaml (2005) is a pure C module
    written by Ingy döt Net in 2007. The libyaml library was targeted at
    the current YAML 1.1 spec. It was written to match the spec exactly. At
    this point it has no known bugs. It is meant to eventually become the
    new codebase.

    Ingy döt Net <>

    Copyright (c) 2007. Ingy döt Net. All rights reserved.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.