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Paul Evans
IPC::PerlSSH - execute remote perl code over an SSH link
IPC::PerlSSH::Base - base functionallity behind IPC::PerlSSH
IPC::PerlSSH::Library - support package for declaring libraries of remote functions
IPC::PerlSSH::Library::FS - a library of filesystem functions for IPC::PerlSSH
IPC::PerlSSH::Library::IO - a library of file IO functions for IPC::PerlSSH
IPC::PerlSSH::Library::Run - a library of command running functions for IPC::PerlSSH
Changes for version 0.16
  • Added a small example script
  • Allow arguments or return values to include undef
  • Provide a nicer ->build_command_from() method in Base that deletes
    • hashref keys

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