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Jon Portnoy
IRC::Message::Object - Incoming or outgoing IRC events
IRC::Mode::Set - A set of parsed IRC mode changes
IRC::Mode::Single - A single IRC mode change
IRC::Toolkit - Useful IRC objects and utilities
IRC::Toolkit::CTCP - CTCP parsing utilities
IRC::Toolkit::Case - IRC case-folding utilities
IRC::Toolkit::Case::MappedString - Strings with casemaps attached
IRC::Toolkit::Colors - IRC color code utilities
IRC::Toolkit::ISupport - IRC ISUPPORT parser
IRC::Toolkit::Masks - IRC mask-related utilities
IRC::Toolkit::Modes - IRC mode parsing utilities
IRC::Toolkit::Numerics - Modern IRC numeric responses
IRC::Toolkit::Parser - Functional-style IRC filter interface
IRC::Toolkit::Role::CaseMap - Role for classes that track IRC casemapping
IRC::Toolkit::TS6 - Generate TS6 IDs
Changes for version 0.088001
    • IRC::Toolkit::Modes; array_to_mode supports IRC::Mode::Set objects mode_to_array accepts IRC::Toolkit::ISupport ->chanmodes objects
    • IRC::Toolkit::Colors; Add has_color / strip_color
    • IRC::Toolkit::Numerics; Add charybdis QUIETLIST numerics
    • IRC::Mode::Set; Remove deprecated new_from_* methods (went away in 0.08)

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