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Changes for version 1.67_06 - 2021-06-14

  • Experiment with another quadmath patch to see if it works with an older version of FreeBSD

Changes for version 1.67_05 - 2021-06-13

  • Made DBD_SQLITE_STRING_MODE constants exportable

Changes for version 1.67_04 - 2021-05-31

  • Upgraded SQLite to 3.35.5
  • Stop setting THREADSAFE=0 if perl has pthread (ie. 5.20+) (Bjoern Hoehrmann++, GH#69, #72)
  • Fixed a memory leak in ::VirtualTable
  • Introduced "string_mode" handle attribute (Felipe Gasper++) to fix long-standing issues of sqlite_unicode (GH#78, #68)
  • Added a dependency from dbdimp.o to the *.inc files included into dbdimp.c (Laurent Dami++, GH#74)
  • Fixed an offset issue of VirtualTable (Laurent Dami++, GH#75)

Changes for version 1.67_03 - 2021-03-31

  • Upgraded SQLite to 3.35.3
  • Enabled math functions introduced in SQLite 3.35
  • Fix quadmath issues (Tux++, leont++)

Changes for version 1.67_02 - 2020-12-06

  • Upgraded SQLite to 3.34.0
  • Added a few new constants
  • Added sqlite_txn_state method to see internal state of the backend

Changes for version 1.67_01 - 2020-11-24

  • Switched to XSLoader (GH#63; toddr++)
  • Use quadmath_snprintf if USE_QUADMATH is defined
  • Use av_fetch instead of av_shift (norimy++)


The DBD::SQLite Cookbook
Using fulltext searches with DBD::SQLite


Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver
common SQLite constants
SQLite virtual tables implemented in Perl
virtual table for viewing file contents
virtual table hooked to Perl data


in lib/DBD/SQLite/GetInfo.pm
in lib/DBD/SQLite/VirtualTable.pm
in lib/DBD/SQLite/VirtualTable/FileContent.pm
in lib/DBD/SQLite/VirtualTable/PerlData.pm