Revision history for Perl extension XML::CSV.

0.10  Wednesday Jan 17 13:11:00 2001
	-Fixed the failed test
0.11  Sunday Mar 18 16:54:00 2001
	-Added sub_char attribute to parse_doc() to
	allow to specify a character(s) with which
	illegal chars will be replaced in tags.
	-Added file_tag, parent_tag, format to print_xml()
	to allow setting the xml parent file tag and xml
	parent record tag, also to allow to specify the
	character to use to indent child nodes.  Space, "\t",
	or any other character(s) can be used.
0.14  Monday Apr 16 23:30:00 2001
	-Added declare_xml() and declare_doctype() functions
	to allow for xml declaration and doctype declarations.
0.15  Tuesday May 15 12:51:00 2001
	-Fixed documentation (pod) bug.
	-column headings are now default to <tr$loop_num> instead of <$tag> to conform
	to XML standard of tag names strting with alphabetic chars or '_'.