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Changes for version 0.01

  • Added skipping vrc.yml when building CPAN dist Documented recently moved methods Added skipping debian files when building CPAN dist - kim Use native source format since we didn't let dh-make-perl create a pristine-tar branch. - kim Removed more generated files. - kim Add missed debian files. - kim Debianise. - kim Changed so that AnyEvent::HTTP isn't required by default - kim Changed version number to old-style decimal: 0.01 Moved AnyEvent deps from 'requires' to 'recommends'. Changed load test to explicitly list all modules (for Windows) Upped version number to 0.1.0 for next release Added configure requires section Cleaned up white space Moved location back to client as it is used by multiple client types Relaxed the type for the ua attribute, added deprecation warning Moved WSDL specific code from the Client object to to the WSDL object Started the conversion to be event handlable Added more things to work on Cleaned up the author tests Merged quick fix back to master Reverted commit 48df39a Changed tests to use http URI's so tests are not as messy Changed the way module names are auto generated from name spaces Reorganised templates into sub directories, split out common parser code into separate template and added new WSDL Node object
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