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Changes for version 0.03

  • More spelling (Ivan Wills) Fixed spelling (Ivan Wills) Added missing POD documentation for written_modules (Ivan Wills) Added more description on how to use the parser (Ivan Wills) Added check that dynamic xsd type has not already been built (Ivan Wills) Changed WSDL handling to better match the new documentation and added a --test option that allows the testing of all written modules and added --verbose output stating what has been done (Ivan Wills) Fixed using target namespace rather than passed in namespace (Ivan Wills) Changed to return all written modules (Ivan Wills) Added method to return all written modules (Ivan Wills) Lots of extra documentation on how to use wsdl-parser (Ivan Wills) Added documentation for get_module_name (Ivan Wills) Moved the get_module_base to W3C::SOAP::Document and renamed get_module_name so that it's function is clearer (Ivan Wills) Fixed wrong attribute name and not setting it if not already defined (Ivan Wills) Added setting up missing mappings when module_base is set (Ivan Wills) Started using module_base correctly (Ivan Wills) Updated help to make operation clearer (Ivan Wills) Fixed missing warning about why the program is dieing (Ivan Wills) Fixed max and min lengths pointing to wrong constructors (Ivan Wills) Added missing tests to MANIFEST (Ivan Wills)
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