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Changes for version 0.04

  • Cleaned up author tests (Ivan Wills) Fixed issue when fault does not have one parameter - Kim (Ivan Wills) Fixed nanoseconds -> nanosecond (Ivan Wills) Changed _post to post as it's the only provided method so it probably shouldn't be considered private, also documented the attributes (Ivan Wills) Removed documentation of methods that moved to W3C::SOAP::WSDL (Ivan Wills) Updated module descriptions (Ivan Wills) Fixed sub-second handling - From Kim (Ivan Wills) Working on documentation on WSDLs (Ivan Wills) Working on documentation (Ivan Wills) Added preserving milli-seconds in DateTimes (Ivan Wills) Fixed typo (Ivan Wills) Fixed handling of dateTime values with milliseconds but without timezones (Ivan Wills) Fixed SOAP Fault handling (Ivan Wills) Made content_type an attribute rather than being hard coded (Ivan Wills) Fixed writing attributes namespace (Ivan Wills) Attempting to fix issue with extended complex types not setting the correct namespace on parent elements (Ivan Wills) Perlcritic Level 3 fixes (Ivan Wills) Changes to make perlcritic level 4 happier (Ivan Wills)
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