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Changes for version 0.06

  • Added correct version number (Ivan Wills) Updated some of the documentation (Ivan Wills) Updated some of the wording (Ivan Wills) Added missing files to manifest (Ivan Wills) Added cleaning up generated modules (Ivan Wills) Fixed generating complex types (Ivan Wills) Got these tests working (Ivan Wills) Fixed calling extends twice, rather than once with multiple arguments (Ivan Wills) Test elementFormDefault with dynamic code (Ivan Wills) Getting closer to working ComplexContent (Ivan Wills) Changed complex_type template to always generate extension to base class even if there is a extension class (Ivan Wills) Trying to get complexContent elements working (Ivan Wills) Got unqualified element parameters to be actually unqualified (Ivan Wills) Fixed missing variable declaration (Ivan Wills) Fixed templates so that attribute namespaces can be set (Ivan Wills) Added error in xml document is not passed in (Ivan Wills) Added element_form_default attribute (Ivan Wills) Exposing the xsd_parser object as attribute (Ivan Wills) Improved error message (Ivan Wills) #2 : Starting to try to get namespace handling under control (Ivan Wills) #3 fixed the tests to work with decoded_content (Ivan Wills) #3 - Fixed using content rather than decoded_content (Ivan Wills)
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