Revision history for Perl module File::Wildcard

0.11 Fri Mar 13 2009
      Stop warnings and errors for readdir looking under files.

0.10 Fri Feb 16 2007
      Fix append absolute bug & add new test for it

0.09 Sat Sep 18 2006
      Fix false positive in t/04_append on solaris 
      (sort order not predictable)

0.08 Mon Apr 17 2006
      New simple interface File::Wildcard::Find

0.07 Sat Dec 31 2005
      Fixed bug: appending absolute paths didn't work
      New option: exclude for tree pruning

0.06 Sun Sep 25 2005
      Reviewed kwalitee and coverage. Added pod and pod_coverage tests.
      Case sensitivity: use Filesys::Type as an optional module.
      Debug logging to a file handle.

0.05 Fri Sep  9 2005
      Changed to use Module::Optional to remove the dependency on 
      Fixed symlink support, and added 'follow' parameter.

0.04 Thu Jul 29 2004
      Added functionality to sort directories, and to process the ellipsis
      in different orders.
      Fix VMS: dirhandles return .dir on the end of each directory.
      Make tests able to deal with case insensitive O/S.

0.03 Sun Jul 11 2004
      A major revision of the API. Instead of the user supplying a regex
      as 'path', the user supplies a globbing string. 
      Added append and prepend methods.

0.02 Thu Jun 25 2004
      Fixed errors in the POD

0.01 Wed Jun 24 2004
      Initial version. Works on Unix.