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Stefan Hornburg (Racke)
Interchange6::Schema - Database Schema for Interchange 6
Changes for version 0.040
    • Update result class relationships and methods with new naming standards outlined in issue (Sam Batschelet, Peter Mottram, GH #76, GH #81).
    • Nickname is no longer lower-cased in User class (Peter Mottram).
    • Change precision to decimal_places in Tax class (Peter Mottram).
    • Remove postal ranges from Zone class (Peter Mottram).
    • Remove media_displays relationship from Product (Peter Mottram).
    • Fix cart and cart resultset setup (Peter Mottram, GH #79).
    • Fix role->users many-to-many relationship (Stefan Hornburg (Racke)).
    • Add shipment result classes to main POD (Stefan Hornburg (Racke)).
    • Fix typo in POD of Zone class (Stefan Hornburg (Racke)).
    • Change password encryption to bcrypt (Peter Mottram, GH #24).
    • Add has_many relationship from Country to State (Peter Mottram).
    • Add zone_states and states relationships to State class (Sam Batschelet, GH #66).
    • Add shipment_rates has_many relationship to ShipmentMethod class (Sam Batschelet).
    • Add min_weight, max_weight and shipment_method belongs_to relationship to ShipmentRate class (Sam Batschelet).
    • Get rid of TEST_DBIC environment variable (Stefan Hornburg (Racke)).
    • Add travis support (Peter Mottram, GH #69).
    • Add support for code coverage tests (Peter Mottram).
    • Add flat rate shipping test (Sam Batschelet).

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