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cgiapp-starter - creates a skeleton CGI::Application project
titanium-starter - creates a skeleton Titanium project
Module::Starter::Plugin::CGIApp - template based module starter for CGI apps.
Changes for version 0.40
    • Internal:
    • --------
    • Breakage caused by newer versions of Module::Starter (RT#71734) has
    • been fixed.
    • Module has been updated to use the latest features of Module::Starter.
    • Author tests have been moved into xt directory and brought up to
    • current best practices.
    • Templates have been moved into a share directory using File::ShareDir.
    • Templates have been improved in various minor ways.
    • In Created distributions:
    • ------------------------
    • Author tests are brought up to current best practices and now go into
    • the xt directory so they don't have to be run by end users.
    • Templates go into a shared directory using File::ShareDir instead
    • of the old method of putting them in @INC
    • Instead of pgp.mit.edu, t/00-signature.t will now use
    • pool.sks-keyservers.net for key queries.
    • MANIFEST.SKIP will also skip .git

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