Copyright (c) 2001-2012 Robert James Clay.  All Rights Reserved.
This is free software;  you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Perl module for logging of fidonet/FTN processing.  

Various Log functions, including:

    logging($logfile, $id, $text)

For more details, see the documentation.  You can also find more information, including the
code repository, at the FTN::Log home page at http://ftnpl.sourceforge.net/ftnpllog.html.

To install:
  Uncompress the archive, then change to that newly
created directory & do the following:

   1) perl Makefile.PL  
   2) make
   3) make test (optional)
   4) make install

R.J. Clay ("Jame")
    Robert J. Clay, jame@rocasa.us
    Sysop, 1:120/544@fidonet