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Changes for version 0.09

  • Change AGI.pm so we run ReadParse if the user forgot to run it manually Add LICENSE file to source Added 2 basic tests of AGI.pm so 'make test' does something Time to 'use strict' and 'use warnings' in AGI.pm (Hurray!) Added 'SetVar' as available keyword in Outgoing.pm Modified Asterisk::AGI set_variable to always quote the value Add directory.agi example from C. de Souza <m.list at yahoo.de> Updated calleridnamelookup.agi from Jeff Siddall <jeff at siddall.name> Manager.pm update from Brian Evans <brian at indosoft.ca> Patches from Peter Beckman <beckman at purplecow.com> (THANKS!!!) Add documentation for missing functions in AGI.pm Add control_stream_file to AGI.pm Add get_full_variable to AGI.pm Add get_option to AGI.pm Add say_alpha/date/time/datetime/phonetic to AGI.pm Change callback to be in central location rather than per function Allow using multiple SetVar in Outgoing.pm from Dariusz Dwornikowski <d.dwornikowski at proadmin.com.pl> Use 'use strict' and 'use warnings' in Outgoing.pm


Simple Asterisk Gateway Interface Class
Asterisk Manager Interface
Create outgoing call queue file
Stuff to deal with asterisk voicemail


in lib/Asterisk.pm
in lib/Asterisk/QCall.pm