0.09	Test release.  Will go to 1.0 shortly after testing
	Change AGI.pm so we run ReadParse if the user forgot to run it manually
	Add LICENSE file to source
	Added 2 basic tests of AGI.pm so 'make test' does something
	Time to 'use strict' and 'use warnings' in AGI.pm (Hurray!)
	Added 'SetVar' as available keyword in Outgoing.pm
	Modified Asterisk::AGI set_variable to always quote the value
	Add directory.agi example from C. de Souza <m.list at yahoo.de>
	Updated calleridnamelookup.agi from Jeff Siddall <jeff at siddall.name>
	Manager.pm update from Brian Evans <brian at indosoft.ca>
	Patches from Peter Beckman <beckman at purplecow.com> (THANKS!!!)
		Add documentation for missing functions in AGI.pm
		Add control_stream_file to AGI.pm
		Add get_full_variable to AGI.pm
		Add get_option to AGI.pm
		Add say_alpha/date/time/datetime/phonetic to AGI.pm
		Change callback to be in central location rather than per function
	Allow using multiple SetVar in Outgoing.pm from Dariusz Dwornikowski <d.dwornikowski at proadmin.com.pl>
	Use 'use strict' and 'use warnings' in Outgoing.pm
0.08	Fixed Asterisk::AGI check_result regex so get_data works with '*'
	Added passing channel as arg to AGI command CHANNEL STATUS

0.07	Added new AGI command set_music
	Bug fix from John Halleck <John.Halleck@utah.edu>
	Added MD5 Challenge auth to Asterisk::Manager

0.06	*Interim Beta Release*
	Added new AGI example agi-enum.agi
	Added new module Asterisk::Outgoing
	Added new module Asterisk::Manager
	From Jean-Denis Girard <jd-girard@esoft.pf>:
		Modified get_variable in Asterisk:AGI
	Added new AGI commands database_get, database_put, database_del, and database_deltree
	Updated AGI hangup functionality to allow passing the channel to hangup
	Added new AGI command noop

0.05	Added new AGI example: calleridnamelookup.agi
	Added new module Asterisk::QCall
	Added new AGI command verbose

0.04	Started adding documentation to Asterisk::AGI (perldoc Asterisk::AGI)
	Added new AGI commands set_variable and get_variable
	Added new AGI + Festival + Net::Ping::External example: tts-ping.agi
	Added 2 new AGI + Festival examples: tts-bofh.agi and tts-line.agi

0.03	Added callback + setcallback function to detect hangups
	Added channel_status function

0.02	Added examples/agi-sayani.agi
	Added the beginning of Asterisk::Voicemail

0.01	First Release