Asterisk Perl Modules
by James Golovich <>

These are all modules for interfacing with the Asterisk open source pbx

The main site for these files is, or soon
to be found at a CPAN mirror near you.

There is a mailing list setup to discuss asterisk-perl related topics,
you can subscribe by sending an empty email to

Some documentation is in the the perl modules, use perldoc to read it
(example: perldoc Asterisk::AGI)

To install these modules just do:
	perl Makefile.PL
	make all
	make install

Examples that use these modules can be found in the examples/ directory

Here is a short description of what each does:

agi-sayani.agi: AGI Script that says the callerid and dnis
agi-test.agi: Rewrite of AGI Example included with asterisk
calleridnamelookup.agi: AGI Script that uses an online reverse number databases to add a name to callerid
tts-bofh.agi: AGI script that uses Festival to give a random bofh excuse
tts-ping.agi: AGI script that pings an ip address and notifies the user if the host is up or down
tts-line.agi: AGI script that uses Festival to read a text file one line at a time Example usage of the Asterisk::Manager module

Asterisk can be found at