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Revision history for Perl extension AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-PubSub

3.2.1 2018-05-24T09:13:46Z
    - fix calling method_frame on object without this function

3.1.2 2017-03-17T13:06:26Z
    - die on on_inactive error

3.1.1 2016-11-01T16:35:28Z
    - croak on declare/bind errors

3.1.0 2016-10-25T10:43:36Z
    - ack and reject_and_republish methods in consumer

3.0.2 2016-09-23T13:36:53Z
    - public release

    - add to cpanfile Moose requirements (FIX)
    - Publisher default_headers is Maybe[HashRef]