Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Google::SiteMap.

    - Replaced %F with %Y-%m-%d in strftime calls, to correct a Solaris bug
      (since Solaris strftime doesn't know about %F).  Reproted by Fredrik
    - Added more information to error messages when parsing an existing
      sitemap fails.  Reported by Vinko Vrsalovic Bolte.

    - Converted installer from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Install, which
      should make it easier to install for Windows users.
    - Fixed a uri-encoding problem in WWW::Google::SiteMap::URL, reported
      by Jeff Horn.
    - Added some additional test cases and cleaned up some test cases.

    - Added changes for 1.06 to Changes file, which were accidentally left
      out of the last release.
    - Fixed the WWW-Google-SiteMap-Robot.t test to skip testing if
      WWW::Mechanize is not installed, reported by Jan Kratochvil.

    - Correction to documentation for WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot
      ($robot->start should be $robot->run), reported by Martin Kissner.
    - Adjusted WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot to discard anchors from URLs,
      reported by Martin Kissner.
    - Removed an accidental prerequisite from WWW::Google::SiteMap::URL.  You
      can give it DateTime objects to set the lastmod option, but you don't
      have to, there are other ways to set it as well.

    - Fixed a documentation error in WWW::Google::SiteMap, and a problem with
      the XML headers generated for sitemap indexes, both reported by
      Michael Smith.
    - Use 'use vars' instead of 'our' for older versions of perl.

    - Removed some leftover debugging output from WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot.
    - Fixed date generation to deal with strangeness in the dates that Google
      will accept.  Note that this means some date/time strings that were
      previously accepted may now fail.  See L<WWW::Google::SiteMap::URL> for
      details of the acceptable values to lastmod().
    - Added some more tests.

    - Fix a problem caused by the switch to XML::Twig, which was leaving off
      some of the XML header information.  Reported by Olaf Anders.
    - Fixed a bug with WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot, which forgot to load the
      WWW::Google::SiteMap::Ping module before trying to send pings.
    - Accidentally forgot to include the new WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot
      class, which helps build sitemaps by spidering your web site.

    - Version 1.00 Released!
    - Fixed Zlib detection problem reported by Lance Cleveland.
    - Check to make sure that the sitemap file was opened correctly, rather
      than just crashing when we try to write to it, also reported by
      Lance Cleveland.
    - Added support for sitemap indexes (see WWW::Google::SiteMap::Index)
    - Added support for notifying Google when your sitemaps and sitemap
      indexes are updated (see WWW::Google::SiteMap::Ping).  Suggested by
      Frank Naude.
    - Fixed a bug in the ISO-8601 time format checking.

    - Changed from XML::Simple to XML::Twig for XML parsing/generating, this
      means you can now validate your sitemaps with an XML validator.
    - Fixed some documentation errors, spotted by Ing. Branislav Gerzo

    - Renamed from Google::SiteMap to WWW::Google::SiteMap, shouldn't have
      created a new top-level namespace in the first place.

	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X Google::SiteMap