Revision history for POE-Component-RSSAggregator

1.11    6/30/2008
        - add POE as a prereq (duh)
        - clarified some documentation

1.1     6/30/2008
        - perlcritic updates
            - move pod below __END__
            - added two constants
                - use constant DEFAULT_TIMEOUT => 60;
                - use constant REDIRECT_DEPTH  => 2;
            - remove trailing whitespace from lines
            - added implicit returns from subs that didn't have them
            - fix uninterpolated string warnings ("" to '')
            - added use strict/use warnings to tests
            - change quoted regexp to use {} instead of ()
        - Update README

1.022   11/06/2006
        - No need to update, cpants META.yml fix, needed to update to
          ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.31 for META.yml update (part deux)

1.021   11/05/2006
        - No need to update, cpants META.yml fix, needed to update to
          ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.31 for META.yml update

1.02    11/01/2006
        - Fixed cpants META.yaml issue

1.01    - Missed renaming a fetch to _fetch when the delay was set
          Thanks to Kester Edmonds for reporting it.

1.0     - Wrote decent pod for the module (finally)
        - Updated pod template to perl best practices template
        - renamed methods that should have only be internal
            - renamed fetch to internal _fetch
            - renamed response to internal _response

0.3     - Added POE::Component::Client::DNS as a dependency

	- New shutdown event to clean things up
	- New feed_list method to get the current feeds
	- Updated some of the debug messages
	- Fix to to pause_feed in case there isn't a feed to pause
	- The begins of a PoCo::Server::HTTP test suite so I can actually 
	  write tests for it
	- Defaulted POE::Component::Client::HTTP to FollowRedirects => 2, 
	  and allow to set the number of redirects via 

		follow_redirects => 4,

	- Need to write MUCH, MUCH, better documentation... its next!

0.28    - Squelched uninitialized -d test on tmpdir when its not

0.27    - Updated pod (removed reference to XML::RSS::Feed::Factory)
	- removed calls to failed_to_fetch and failed_to_parse

0.26    - fixed 'remove_feed' so that it when it yielded 'pause_feed'
	  that it would actually work.
	- updated pod to show 'alias' as a new() param

0.25    - ATTENTION! new() param 'feeds' has been deprecated, use 
	  add_feed instead

	      $heap->{rssagg} = POE::Component::RSSAggregator->new(
		  debug    => 1,
		  callback => $session->postback("handle_feed"),
		  tmpdir   => '/tmp', # optional caching

	    $kernel->post('rssagg','add_feed',$_) for @feeds;
	- fixed the pod not to use XML::RSS::Feed::Factory in the example

0.20    - ATTENTION! You no longer need to use XML::RSS::Feed::Factory
	  to defined 'feeds', just pass an array ref of hash refs 
	  for each feed you'd like to watch.
	- Fixed POD example so it actually works :D
	- added 'tmpdir' param to pass to XML::RSS::Feed objects to 
	  cache XML on DESTROY and to attempt to load and parse old
	  headlines when the object is initialized.
	- added 'feed' accessor method to fetch XML::RSS::Feed objects

0.10    - Now use XML::RSS::Headline instead of XML::RSS::Feed::Headline
	- added an accessor 'feeds' for to the hash of rss feeds
	- use delay_set instead of delay_add.  This is for the future
	  support of adding, reloading, removing feeds.
	- use POE postback instead of sub reference for callback
	- updated the pod with a POE session example

0.01    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.