This perl module allows you to write Shell extensions
for the Windows Explorer in perl. Basically what it does
is embed the perl interpreter into a generic shell extension,
then provides the ability to call your perl code upon
certain actions in the explorer (popping up the context menu,
calling your code when your menu entry is clicked on in the menu).

I've only tested it on Windows 2000, so YMMV.

You may want to look at, 
which i found after writing this extension, but does seem to provide
help in writing extension in c++ (although now writing them in Perl should
be even easier ;-) ).

Also grep for 'FIXME's to find out what's left to do.

ATTENTION: installing this module (using 'nmake install', or any other way that 
invoke the 'install_registry' target in the generated Makefile) makes modifications
to the Windows registry, however i can't be held liable of any damage done.

		- jb.

    Jean-Baptiste Nivoit <>

    Copyright (c) 2002 Jean-Baptiste Nivoit. All rights reserved. This program
    is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
    terms of the Artistic License, distributed with Perl.