Revision history for Text-WikiCreole

0.07    10/5/2008
   Bug fix: Italics around links rendered incorrectly

0.06    10/5/2008
   Bug fix: & not converted to & where appropriate
   Feature addition: creole_barelink() and creole_custombarelinks() 
      functions for customized handling of style links
      courtesy of Bernd Zeimetz

0.05    10/11/2007
    Added creole_customlinks() and creole_customimgs() 

0.04 10/10/2007
    Fixed a bug with creole_parse and undefined input

0.03    9/21/2007
    Added <<< alternate plugin >>> syntax, since Perl can be hard to embed in
    << 2-bracket >> plugins

0.02    9/12/2007
    Fixed bug parsing plugin blocks
    Fixed bug with nowiki blocks at end of file
    Added creole_img for custom image URLs

0.01    9/11/2007
    Initial Release