++ed by:
Author image Jason Carty
and 3 contributors

Changes for version 0.13

  • Sometimes errors captured in get_javascript_result were lost due to the use of a global variable.
  • The value in the global variable is now stored in a seperate variable and output during its normal error handling.
  • Updated name of test modules to be the correct ones rather than the Webkit1 names.
  • Use Glib::Timeout instead of Time::HiRes to improve waiting times while while waiting for page updates.
  • Wayland display will not be used if it is detected over Xvfb


Perl extension for controlling an embedding WebKit2 engine


in lib/WWW/WebKit2/Cookies.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/Events.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/Inspector.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/KeyboardInput.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/Locator.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/LocatorCSS.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/MouseInput.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/MouseInput/DragAndDropSimulator.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/Navigator.pm
in lib/WWW/WebKit2/Settings.pm