Revision history for Perl extension Pod::WSDL.

0.01  Mon May 23 20:36:37 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -X Pod::WSDL

0.03  Tue Jul 20 00:06:00 2005  
	- Packed everything in one distribution

	- Fixed bug: warnings issued by XML::Writer, when using Pod for methods
      without parameters
	- Fixed unnecessary requirement for Perl version 5.8.5
	- Fixed bug in the generated WSDL for certain cases where complex types were
	- Fixed error in documentation
	- Fixed error which led to failure if wrong parameters were being used
	- AHICOX: Fixed Bug: definitions for arrays of standard types not generated
	  when included in complex type class as an ATTR.
	- TAREKA: Changed email address
	- TAREKA: Added arguments "pretty" and "withDocumentation" to method WSDL 
	  in (Fixed, bug/wish id 21137)
	- TAREKA: Fixed Bug: calling method WSDL on twice doubled output
	- TAREKA: Fixed Bug: <wsdl:documentation> in schema part of wsdl must be 
	  wrapped in <annotation> (thanks to Thomas Walloschke for the hint)
	- TAREKA: Fixed Bug: <wsdlsoap:fault> must have name attribute  (thanks to 
	  Thomas Walloschke for the hint)
0.051	Thu Oct 12 17:06:58 GMT 2006
	- AHICOX: baseName is auto-set based on the package name of the sourced file.
			  NOTE: the '::' separator is removed so My::Great::Module gets the
			  automatic baseName of MyGreatModule.
			  OTHER NOTE: should the user be able to override the auto-generated
			  base name with a POD directive like this?
			  =begin WSDL
			  _baseName OtherNameToUse
			  or perhaps at instatiation with a 'baseName' option?
0.06  Fri Dec 17 12:16:00 GMT 2010
    - BMAVT BUG fix:
            Fix anyUri to anyURI
    - JCOP BUG fix:
            Spelling mistakes
    - JCOP BUG fix:
            Ommit parameterOrder if method has no params as parameterOrder is optional:

0.061  Fri Dec 17 15:45:00 GMT 2010
    - JCOP Minor cleanup of development classes

0.062 17 Jan 2014
    - BMAVT BUG fix:
        Test failures due to hash randomisation in perl 5.17.6 
    - BMAVT BUG fix:
        Spelling errors in POD

0.063 18 Jan 2014
    - JCOP BUG fix:
        me->use fails with new perl version because this calls UNIVERSAL::use instead of Pod::WSDL::AUTOLOAD