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Changes for version 0.37

  • Ben Bullock <benkasminbullock@gmail.com>
    • indent the heredocument part of the code correctly
  • Jean-Damien Durand <jeandamiendurand@free.fr>
    • t/struct.t: add a function declaration in struct
    • Callback/Events.pm: force struct counter to have a persistence level to "level", add these counters to parameterDeclarationCheck
    • Callback/Events.pm: added missing counters in topic data, that caused parse table to be processed even in struct context
    • t/struct.t: renamed misleading identifier "free" to "this"
    • t/struct.t: case that failed with 0.36-TRIAL
    • t/obscure_typedef_*style.t : change comment
    • bug fix with parameter not obscuring typedef
    • bin/c2ast: missing --trace option
    • rulesByDepth: sort by ruleId eventually
    • ruleByDepth: use rule_name and put more info the result
    • use Marpa::R2 2.081001
    • Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jddurand/MarpaX-Languages-C-AST
    • rulesByDepth
    • dev+
    • POD update
    • dev+
  • jddurand <jeandamiendurand@free.fr>
    • Merge pull request #8 from benkasminbullock/patch-1
      • indent the heredocument part of the code correctly
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  • c2ast - C source analysis
  • cscan - C source scan (C::Scan alternative)