Changes for version v0.10.2 - 2021-08-30

  • Added missing parameter cache_connection among acceptable connection parameters
  • Added DB::Object::Placeholder class to better handle placeholders embedded in expressions
  • Updated DB::Object::Fields::Field and DB::Object::Query->_where_having to use placeholder objects
  • Improved DB::Object::Fields::Field so that it accepts values as-is when they are passed as scalar reference
  • Added methods dollar_placeholder and server_prepare in DB::Object::Postgres::Query to influence the prepare statement for the ongoing statement
  • Added method name in DB::Object::Postgres::Statement to set/get a name for the statement.
  • Modified _cache_this() to enable passing prepare options enabled in DB::Object::Query
  • Minor improvement in DB::Object::connect


AND Operator Object
NOT Operator Object
OR Operator Object
Operator Object
SQL Query Clause Object


Tables Fields Object Accessor
Table Field Object
Mysql Database Object
Query Object for MySQL
Statement Object for MySQL
MySQL Table Object
Query Object for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Statement Object
PostgreSQL Table Object
Query Object
DB Object SQLite Driver
SQLite Query Object
SQLite Statement Object
SQLite Table Object
Statement Object
Database Table Object


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in lib/DB/
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