Changes for version 0.15.0 - 2021-04-18

  • Corrected a minor bug in Module::Generic::Dynamic, ignoring now fields that do not contain any valid chracter to become a method
  • Added method as_array(), offset() and merge() in Module::Generic::Array
  • Added method empty() in Module::Generic::Array as an alias to reset()
  • Added methods as_array(), as_number(), join() and prepend() in Module::Generic::Scalar
  • Added method as_array(), as_scalar() in Module::Generic::Number
  • Added method as_array() and as_scalar() in Module::Generic::Boolean
  • Added support for changing the offset position in a for loop in Module::Generic::Array by returning a scalar reference of an integer
  • Added the return method in Module::Generic::Array to end embedded loops.
  • Added methods even, odd, remove and unique (based on List::Util::uniq) in Module::Generic::Array
  • Added TO_JSON to Module::Generic::Array, Module::Generic::Hash and Module::Generic::Scalar to allow its object to be encoded with JSON. You still need to set the convert_blessed JSON property to true though: my $j = JSON->new->convert_blessed;
  • In Module::Generic::Array, the following methods have been changed to return a Module::Generic::Scalar object in object context and if the value retrieved from the array is not a reference of any sort: first, get, index, last, pop, shift. The splice method has been modified to return a new Module::Generic::Array object in object context when only an offset and length, or just an offset was provided.
  • Added support method _is_class_loadable in Module::Generic to check if a module can be loaded without loading it
  • Added support method _get_args_as_array in Module::Generic
  • Corrected an obscure bug in clone() when using Want.
  • Added method new_null in Module::Generic
  • Added modules Module::Generic::File and Module::Generic::Finfo to deal with files
  • Added inline class Module::Generic::Scalar::IO that inherits from IO::Scalar and enables to print to scalar
  • Added module Module::Generic::SharedMem for easy-to-use shared memory interface


An Array Iterator Element Object Class
Generic Module Scalar IO Class
Shared Memory Manipulation


Generic Module to inherit from
An Array Manipulation Object Class
Boolean Representation Class
A DateTime wrapper for enhanced features
Dynamic Object Class
Generic Module Exception Class
File Info Object Class
Hash Manipulation Object Class
An Array Iterator Object Class
Null Value Chaining Object Class
Number Manipulation Object Class
String Manipulation Object Class
Shared Memory Manipulation
Object Access Control Class


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