Changes for version v0.16.0 - 2021-10-11

  • Tuned _set_get_datetime method to only set a default DateTime formatter when none were already set yet
  • Added support method _set_get_uuid to store universal unique identifier with data validation
  • Added method as_json in Module::Generic::Hash to return a json string representation of the hash object
  • Added method _can in Module::Generic to quickly check if a given object has support for a given method
  • Corrected an error check in Module::Generic::SharedMem for method lock()
  • Added methods get_null in Module::Generic::Array to get a Module::Generic::Null object when offset value is undef
  • Added methods second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth
  • Made a slight adjustment in Module::Generic::Null so that the parameter value for 'wants' can be specified in lowercase and updated the documentation
  • Added method _is_ip to check IPv4 and IPv6 syntax, including with CIDR notation in Module::Generic
  • Added method _set_get_ip and _is_uuid to check syntax of UUID
  • Improved Module::Generic::Dynamic
  • Added method as_hash in Module::Generic::Hash to get the hash object as a regular hash reference
  • Improved method _is_class_loaded to more simply check at the %INC rather than rely on external module
  • Improved method _load_class to allow for passing semantics to import and provided an hash reference of options such as package version and caller's package to import the module into.
  • Added missing TO_JSON method in Module::Generic::Exception and Module::Generic::Number
  • Updated _set_get_uri in Module::Generic to initiate a URI object if value is available and not yet an object.
  • Added method aliases lower and upper in Module::Generic::Scalar
  • Added methods pack and unpack in Module::Generic::Scalar
  • Added method pack in Module::Generic::Array
  • Modified Module::Generic::Array new method to accept also a list of elements.
  • Updated the method join in Module::Generic::Array to allow passing additional arguments on top of the current array object: $a->join( ',', $more_data );
  • Updated method replace in Module::Generic::Scalar to return a special Module::Generic::RegexpCapture object
  • Added method dump_hex() which uses Devel::Hexdump if it is installed
  • Updated the method new() in Module::Generic so that a possible error be propagated to its calling object when called from object like my $new = $old->new || die( $old->error );
  • Updated AUTOLOAD to pass $self as first argument if defined
  • Updated _set_get_object_array in Module::Generic to allow any non-blessed value to be passed for object instantiation, instead of hash reference previously.
  • Added the methods intersection, max, min in Module::Generic::Array
  • Added a destruction mechanism in the END block in Module::Generic::File for file or directory set to be auto removed
  • Updated method autoflush in Module::Generic::File to affect the underlying file handle with the value provided. Before, it was just storing the boolean value.
  • Added methods mmap and unmap in Module::Generic::File to use file-based variable that can be shared across processes


An Array Iterator Element Object Class
A Regexp Result Object
Generic Module Scalar IO Class
Shared Memory Manipulation


Generic Module to inherit from
An Array Manipulation Object Class
Boolean Representation Class
A DateTime wrapper for enhanced features
Dynamic Object Class
Generic Module Exception Class
File Object Abstraction Class
File Info Object Class
Hash Manipulation Object Class
An Array Iterator Object Class
Null Value Chaining Object Class
Number Manipulation Object Class
String Manipulation Object Class
Shared Memory Manipulation
Object Access Control Class
Generic Tie Hash Mechanism for Object Oriented Hashes


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