Changes for version v0.29.0 - 2022-12-07

  • Mitigation around the use of Scalar::Util::reftype that returns undef for false, which in turn yields a perl warning of 'uninitialized value' when used in string comparison such as: Scalar::Util::reftype( $this ) eq 'ARRAY'
  • Corrected resolve() in Module::Generic::File to default $max_recursion to 0 if undefined.
  • Improved a bit Module::Generic::Number by caching number regular expression
  • Improved Module::Generic::SharedMem and Module::Generic::SharedMemXS
  • New method new_version() and _set_get_version in Module::Generic
  • Corrected a missing requirement in method _set_get_array_as_object() in Module::Generic
  • Updated how one can end a loop in for() and foreach() in Module::Generic::Array
  • Added missing method is_decimal in Module::Generic::Number
  • Reworked parts of Module::Generic::Number and integrating some codes from Number::Format
  • Removed dependency on Number::Format
  • Updated clone() in Module::Generic to deal with cases when called as a class function: MyClass->clone()
  • Added is_empty method to Module::Generic::Number
  • Updated _set_get_number() in Module::Generic to take n hash of options instead of field name and accept undef value
  • Improved error reporting upon object instantiation in Module::Generic::Number


An Enhanced DateTime::Duration Object
An Array Iterator Element Object Class
A Regexp Result Object
Shared Memory Manipulation


Generic Module to inherit from
An Array Manipulation Object Class
Boolean Representation Class
A DateTime wrapper for enhanced features
Dynamic Object Class
Generic Module Exception Class
File Object Abstraction Class
File-based Cache
File IO Object Wrapper
MMap File Class
File Info Object Class
Hash Manipulation Object Class
Generic Header Value Parser
An Array Iterator Object Class
Null Value Chaining Object Class
Number Manipulation Object Class
String Manipulation Object Class
Generic Module Scalar IO Class
Shared Memory Manipulation
Shared Memory Manipulation with XS API
Object Access Control Class
Generic Tie Hash Mechanism for Object Oriented Hashes


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