Changes for version 1.6

  • -Fixed problems on some platforms where empty directories would cause problems. Specifically, an undef would get passed around and cause havoc when methods were called on them. Seen only on Windows platforms, as far as I know. -Fixed a bug with symlinks, where a symlink referring to a directory would not take you back to the original directory when doing a cdup. Now it manually retrieves the path first and cwd's back to that dir. -Added code to test for cycles and to be smart and make symlinks wherever possible. This is only used when the SymlinkFollow option to rget is used. It obviously will not be fully functional under Windows (no symlinks), but the cycle elimination should work. -Added options for allowing for the matching or omission of certain filenames. -Added code to make sure that files accessed through a symlink will not be deleted if RemoveRemoteFiles is set. If the files will be deleted elsewhere in the tree via a directory, then they will obviously still be deleted.


Recursive FTP Client class