Revision history for Perl extension Net::FTP::Recursive.

1.0  Tue Jan 21 09:08:15 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X -v 1.0 -n Net::FTP::Recursive

1.1  Added rdir and rls methods.

1.4 Added code to handle symlinks a little better.

1.5  -Fixed bug that caused an infinite loop when a directory was unreachable.
     -Added rdelete method.
     -Added RemoveRemoteFiles and RemoveLocalFiles options.
    -Fixed problems on some platforms where empty directories would
     cause problems.  Specifically, an undef would get passed around
     and cause havoc when methods were called on them.  Seen only on
     Windows platforms, as far as I know.
    -Fixed a bug with symlinks, where a symlink referring to a directory
     would not take you back to the original directory when doing a 
     cdup.  Now it manually retrieves the path first and cwd's back
     to that dir.
    -Added code to test for cycles and to be smart and make symlinks
     wherever possible.  This is only used when the SymlinkFollow option
     to rget is used.  It obviously will not be fully functional under
     Windows (no symlinks), but the cycle elimination should work.
    -Added options for allowing for the matching or omission
     of certain filenames.
    -Added code to make sure that files accessed through a
     symlink will not be deleted if RemoveRemoteFiles is
     set.  If the files will be deleted elsewhere in the
     tree via a directory, then they will obviously still be

     -Fixed rdir when used with symlinks.  Now it should note cycles 
      and not follow them.
     -Reduced the # of redundant calls to $ftp->pwd and on getting the
      local pwd.
     -Removed some debugging info that I had put in to debug v1.6.
     -Made SymlinkLink superceded by the other options if
      given.  This was to allow for the meaningful use of
      SymlinkLink in concert with either SymlinkFollow or

     -Implemented return codes for all methods.
     -Added some memory management code to hopefully help save
      memory when recursing.
     -Backported the module so that it should run ok on anything perl
      5 or greater.  Basically, I just changed the "our"s to use vars.
     -Now using the Cwd module to get the current working directory
      on the client machine, for platform independence.