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2004-06-19 Joe Drago <>

	- Version 1.28
	- Added 'saveflux' command, automatically condensing URLs into fusker strings
	- Added 'rreplace' command
	- Added HTTP keep-alive support, based on a patch from fforw (thanks!)
	- fixed replace and strip to do multiple replaces per command (s///g)
	- fixed/updated help system text
	- removed ReplaceWithRegex, use rreplace instead
	- added 'spider' command to warning list

2004-06-17 Joe Drago <>

	- Version 1.27
	- Added 'hrefimg' command
    - Added 'spider' command
    - fixed Tk INC for Unix users, now web-able (install docs coming soon)
    - fixed internal makedir trailing slash bug
    - fixed cb_warnuser: calls ut_getnextline now
    - fixed extension checking bug (query string)
    - fixed 'batch' command's behavior in a flux
    - export ut_getnextline
    - export $ut_term for overriding / replacing with own term var
    - only creates Term::ReadLine on first need (if not existing)