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Father Chrysostomos
JE::Types - JavaScript types and objects
JE - Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) Engine
JE::Boolean - JavaScript boolean value
JE::Code - ECMAScript parser and code executor for JE
JE::Destroyer - Experimental destructor for JE
JE::LValue - JavaScript lvalue class
JE::Null - JavaScript null value
JE::Number - JavaScript number value
JE::Object - Base class for all JavaScript objects
JE::Object::Array - JavaScript Array object class
JE::Object::Boolean - JavaScript Boolean object class
JE::Object::Date - JavaScript Date object class
JE::Object::Error - JavaScript Error object class
JE::Object::Error::RangeError - JavaScript RangeError object class
JE::Object::Error::ReferenceError - JavaScript ReferenceError object class
JE::Object::Error::SyntaxError - JavaScript SyntaxError object class
JE::Object::Error::TypeError - JavaScript TypeError object class
JE::Object::Error::URIError - JavaScript URIError object class
JE::Object::Function - JavaScript function class
JE::Object::Math - JavaScript Math object
JE::Object::Number - JavaScript Number object class
JE::Object::Proxy - JS wrapper for Perl objects
JE::Object::RegExp - JavaScript regular expression (RegExp object) class
JE::Object::String - JavaScript String object class
JE::Parser - Framework for customising JE's parser
JE::Scope - JavaScript scope chain (what makes closures work)
JE::String - JavaScript string value
JE::Undefined - JavaScript undefined value
JE::_FieldHash - This module is solely for JE's private use.
JavaScript::Engine - Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine
JE::Code::Arguments in lib/JE/Code.pm
JE::Code::Expression in lib/JE/Code.pm
JE::Code::Statement in lib/JE/Code.pm
JE::Code::Subscript in lib/JE/Code.pm
JE::Object::Function::Arguments in lib/JE/Object/Function.pm
JE::Object::Function::Call in lib/JE/Object/Function.pm
JE::Object::Proxy::Array in lib/JE/Object/Proxy.pm
Changes for version 0.060
    • Incompatible change: We now require perl 5.8.4 or higher,
    • instead of pretending that 5.8.3 is supported. (It was
    • already broken enough to spew out warnings.)
    • Bug fixes:
    • An escaped surrogate in a regular expression now matches that surrogate, instead of trying to match a backslash fol- lowed by a literal ‘x{d800}’ or similar.
    • this : ...’  no longer confuses the run-time engine, resulting in an error (RT #79855).
    • The run-time engine now suppresses recursion warnings, which legitimate JavaScript code could trigger.

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