0.09 2020-02-10
-bugfix: run-time loading of module triggering first import of Class::Slot could
 result in "Too late to run INIT block" warnings and fail to trigger late-binding
-bugfix: source filters do not work in string evals; Class::Slot now works around
 this by adjusting to late-binding behavior and installing 'slot' as a routine in
 the caller

0.08 2020-02-07
-new feature: method delegation to slot types
-bugfix: classes with no members were never initialized

0.07 2020-02-07
-new feature: slot errors retain line number where slot was defined
-migrate tests to Test2
-bugfix: XS code-ref type checks are no longer failing
-bugfix: CLASS_SLOT_NO_XS not longer thinks that it is opposite day

0.07    2018-12-12
-bugfix: missing test dep

0.06    2018-12-07
-bugfix: do not call SUPER::new if no parent class can('new')

0.05    2018-07-23
-bugfix: package names correctly escaped when used as hash key

0.04    2018-05-11
-*correctly* increment MIN_PERL_VERSION and fix bugtracker metadata (credit: Dan Book)

0.03    2018-05-11
-increment MIN_PERL_VERSION to 5.82 as older perls do not support 'goto &ref'

0.02    2018-05-10
-bugfix: indexed slot types' keys may not be unique (RT #125297, credit: TOBYINK)

0.01    2018-04-20
-Initial release