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RT::Interface::Email::Filter::TakeAction - Change metadata of ticket via email


This extension parse content of incomming messages for list commands. Format of commands is:

    Command: value
    Command: value

You can find list of "COMMANDS commands below".

Some commands (like Status, Queue and other) can be used only once. Commands that manage lists can be used multiple times, for example link, custom fields and watchers commands. Also, the latter can be used with Add and Del prefixes to add/delete values from the current list of the ticket you reply to or comment on.



Queue: <name>

Set new queue for the ticket

Subject: <string>

Set new subject to the given string

Status: <status>

Set new status, one of new, open, stalled, resolved, rejected or deleted

Owner: <username>

Set new owner using the given username

Priority: <#>

Set new priority to the given value

FinalPriority: <#>

Set new final priority to the given value


Set new date/timestamp, or 0 to unset:

    Due: <new timestamp>
    Starts: <new timestamp>
    Started: <new timestamp>


Set new times to the given value in minutes. Note that on correspond/comment TimeWorked add time to the current value.

    TimeWorked: <minutes>
    TimeEstimated: <minutes>
    TimeLeft: <minutes>


Manage watchers: requestors, ccs and admin ccs. This commands can be used several times and/or with Add and Del prefixes, for example Requestor comand set requestor(s) and the current requestors would be deleted, but AddRequestor command adds to the current list.

    Requestor: <address> Set requestor(s) using the email address
    AddRequestor: <address> Add new requestor using the email address
    DelRequestor: <address> Remove email address as requestor
    Cc: <address> Set Cc watcher(s) using the email address
    AddCc: <address> Add new Cc watcher using the email address
    DelCc: <address> Remove email address as Cc watcher
    AdminCc: <address> Set AdminCc watcher(s) using the email address
    AddAdminCc: <address> Add new AdminCc watcher using the email address
    DelAdminCc: <address> Remove email address as AdminCc watcher

Manage links. These commands are also could be used several times in one message.

    DependsOn: <ticket id>
    DependedOnBy: <ticket id>
    RefersTo: <ticket id>
    ReferredToBy: <ticket id>
    Members: <ticket id>
    MemberOf: <ticket id>

Custom field values

Manage custom field values. Could be used multiple times. (The curly braces are literal.)

    CustomField.{<CFName>}: <custom field value>
    AddCustomField.{<CFName>}: <custom field value>
    DelCustomField.{<CFName>}: <custom field value>

Short forms:

    CF.{<CFName>}: <custom field value>
    AddCF.{<CFName>}: <custom field value>
    DelCF.{<CFName>}: <custom field value>


Returns a CurrentUser object. Also performs all the commands.