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Changes for version 1.08

  • Added an option to nw_comparators() as a result of a communication by Daniel Stutzbach. Up until now, nw_comparators simply returned the comparator in the order that the algorithms created them. Daniel Stutzbach pointed out that these were often not in the best order and would cause a super-scalar pipeline to stall. He also pointed out that just reading the list of comparators grouped for graphing removes that problem (the function that arranges them for graphing, nw_group(), does in fact "parallelize" the comparators so that they'll look nice on the graph). So there's now an option to re-group the list. It's not the default because the default behavior has been there since the beginning of the module. See the documentation for nw_comparator() for more information.
  • Undid use of mark attributes for SVG graphing. Too many inconsistencies between different SVG viewers for me to be sure that I'm doing the right thing.
  • While undoing that change, simplified the code that generates the group/color attributes. I decided that individually assigning the color attribute to each element was probably a less error-prone mechanism.
  • Updated svg.pl and eps.pl in the eg directory to make use of the color options.
  • Fixed the nw_group() example. It was using the default 'bosenelson' algorithm, but the output was from the 'batcher' algorithm. Oops.
  • Added grouping.pl to the eg directory. Wed Feb 10 2010
  • Changed <svg> tag adding xmlns and viewBox attributes.
  • Change input and comparator lines to use mark attributes instead of separate geometric circles.
  • Added nw_algorithms() and nw_algorithm_name() functions, and documented them.
  • Updated the SVG output example and demo program in the eg directory.
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