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Changes for version 1.10

  • Wed Mar 28 2012
  • Finally organized changes (I had a hardware failure), and updated the MANIFEST file to include the new JSON formatted META files. Ready for release to CPAN. Tue Jan 31 2012
  • Perl version requirement changed to 5.8.3 (from 5.6.0). Support for 5.6.0 in various perl development tools is being dropped, and 5.8.3 seems to be a safe minimum, at least for the current year. Change made in Build.PL and Networksort.pm.
  • Changed "repository" key in Build.PL from a hash to a string, as seems to be currently required under the version of Module::Build that I'm developing with (the hash form looks to be for a later version that I cannot install yet). Tue Jan 11 2011
  • Found an error in the SYNOPSIS portion of the POD. Function nw_format() had an incorrect argument. Thu Sep 23 2010
  • Experimented by adding a 'keywords' hash to Build.PL. We'll see if I did it correctly. Wed Sep 15 2010
  • Update the references. Joe Celko's article in dbazine.com is gone (dbazine.com seems to be under new ownership), but he used the same material in the third edition of his book, so I refer to that now. Dr. Batcher's web site at Kent State has changed slightly, making a change in the links necessary.
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